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  • Learning Curve 
  • Lith Tools Overview 
  • Download the SDK 
  • Installing the Tools 
  • Dedit Basics 
  • Your First Level 
  • Expanding a World 
  • Building on the Grid 
  • KeyBoard Shortcuts 
  • Edit Modes 
  • Eradicating Leaks 
  • What does the processor log tell you? 
  • First Level Basics

  • Textures/Surface Flags 
  • 4 Types of Doors 
  • Making Windows 
  • Grates and Railings 
  • Stairs, Lifts & Ramps 
  • Lights, dirlights, FX 
  • Water & Rain Volumes 
  • Sky Boxes / Portals 
  • A basic Trigger 
  • The Wall Switch 
  • Adding Pickups 
  • Proptypes vs Props 
  • StarlightView Mode 
  • Muliplayer/ SinglePlayer 
  • Second Level Intermediate

  • Prefab Advantage 
  • A Prefab Deconstruct 
  • Adding Sound FX 
  • Hacking Device 
  • Torchable Lock 
  • Complex Trigger 
  • Active Props 
  • Light Groups 
  • Particle FX 
  • Client FX Light 
  • Third Level Intermediate

  • AI Basics 
  • AI Volumes and Nodes 
  • Simple AI Alien 
  • Character AI 
  • Goal: Patrol 
  • Keyframer 
  • Coty's FAQs 
  • Advanced Level Building

  • -nosnapnocsg 
  • Optimizing a level 
  • Importing Terrain 
  • Using the Camera 
  • A Cinematic 
  • Giving AI a script 
  • Convoluted trigger 
  • Random Events 


    NEWS Briefing

    • Keep up to date 
    • LAST ONE OUT is coming soon 
    Nothing develops in a vacuum. These tutorials are a result of a lot of questions and answers and some diligent investigations of the Dedit tools over the last little while. They would not be this complete without the help from fellow mapmakers Coty, Red_Riot and Silent Monk and Monolith employees alz and Nerotrobe. Thank you all for your help, support and knowledge. 



    Looking for Talent...News dated Jan 11  2003- posted by modmaker

    modmaker is looking for talented level designers,  for a potential project in the works. Real world environments,  built in Dedit or UnrealEd 3.0.  Send an email and a few jpegs, if you've got what it takes. 

    Rememberance Day...News dated Nov 11  2002- posted by modmaker

    The Eleventh hour  of the Eleventh day,  of the Eleventh month,  lest we forget.... those that do not pay heed to history are destined to repeat it.  Peace. 

    Last One Out Site Up now too...News dated Oct 24 2002- posted by modmaker

    If you're interested in seeing some of the information on this site in action,  you can check out the Last One Out TC modification.  Many of the techniques that are described in these tutorials are utilized in the mod.  We've also sent out some press releases to let people know about this new tutorial site,  and with the news post atBluesNews, Flipcode and others,  I'd just like to say welcome  to the new people.  I'm certain this information will come in handy as you learn more about Lithtech Dedit.  If you have any questions,  Send your emails to

     One day Old and Already an Update...News dated Oct 16 2002- posted by modmaker

    Phil Olsen, skinner extraordinaire! sent a few files to include iin our How To Skin section. This is a great tutorial for those of you who have skinning aspirations. Skinning is one of those things that do require a bit of artistic talent. So check it out, and give it a try. We've gotten some unexpected furor of some queen screenshots we've posted, so just to let you know, a 1024x768 wallpaper of it will be made available for download in a few days. Send your emails to
     Regular updates for modmaker's tutorials...News dated Oct 10 2002- posted by modmaker

    We will usually upload an additional topic once a week. There are a few topics that will be revisited. Look for updates regarding cinematics and AI, Map types, convoluted triggers. Requests via email are also welcome. Send your emails to modmaker@planetavp.comNew Hosted Site at Planet AvP...News dated Oct 09 2002- posted by modmaker

    We're up. We're running. Hope they help. We'll add to the advanced Tutorials when time permits. These tuts represent basically 15% of all the possibilities with Dedit, but they should be a good start, and if followed should allow you to release a map for the community that is playable.New Tutorials Up and Available...News dated Oct 03 2002- posted by modmaker

    Dedit mapmaking guru modmaker, project lead and game designer of the LAST ONE OUT Single Player campaign, has agreed to put together a series of tutorials for the 2.5 Talon version of LithTech Dedit, building upon his Missionsmod early work. Much of this information is applicable to NOLF 1 version of Cobalt Dedit as well. Special thanks goes out to a few important members of the AvP2 mapping community, whose insights and information sharing has aided in expanding the knowledge base for these tools and the modding scene in general. A special thanks to ALZ, NEROTROBE, RED_RIOT, COTY, and Ghostdog from the old Nolf days. 

    Copyright 2001-2001 William "modmaker" Bostjan All Rights Reserved.