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  • Learning Curve
  • Lith Tools Overview
  • Download the SDK
  • Installing the Tools
  • Dedit Basics
  • Your First Level
  • Expanding a World
  • Building on the Grid
  • KeyBoard Shortcuts
  • Edit Modes
  • Eradicating Leaks
  • World Scale
  • First Level Basics

  • Textures/Surface Flags
  • 4 Types of Doors
  • Making Windows
  • Grates and Railings
  • Stairs, Lifts & Ramps
  • Lights, dirlights, FX
  • Water & Rain Volumes
  • Sky Boxes / Portals
  • A basic Trigger
  • The Wall Switch
  • Adding Pickups
  • Proptypes vs Props
  • StarlightView Mode
  • Muliplayer/ SinglePlayer
  • Second Level Intermediate

  • Prefab Advantage
  • A Prefab Deconstruct
  • Adding Sound FX
  • Hacking Device
  • Torchable Lock
  • Complex Trigger
  • Active Props
  • Light Groups
  • Particle FX
  • Client FX Light
  • Third Level Intermediate

  • AI Basics
  • AI Volumes and Nodes
  • Simple AI Alien
  • Character AI
  • Goal: Patrol
  • Keyframer
  • Advanced Level Building

  • -nosnapnocsg
  • Optimizing a level
  • Importing Terrain
  • Using the Camera
  • A Cinematic
  • Giving AI a script
  • Convoluted trigger
  • Random Events


    Adding Sound FX

    • Ambient Sound
    • Events
    • Music accents
    Adding the bells and whistles. Literally. You can easily add sound objects to your level to increase the interest and interaction in your level. Nothing strikes the fear into the hearts of players like metal scraping on a grate and the sounds of terrified screams in the distance. Sound is a simple inclusion and not too taxing on the system at run time. The Sound Design that Red Riot placed in his MAP JUNGLE is a fine example realitism. He used a series of random triggers and alot of smarts.

    Theres nothing as much fun then a nice alien attack sound just behind a door when a player passes by it. Easily done with a sound trigger.

    First maps, are usually thrown away. (Well actually they are shelved, cause game makers never throw ing industry, you want the best possible releases associated with your name. And if you don't think that matters, and you don't give a damn about the quality of your product, rest assured no one else will.

    Keep the radius realistic

    Sound design is not complicated but it does require some thought. As with lights give sound a sense of a source to help make it believable. If a fan is running, placing the soundFX object makes sense. And realize that there are two types of sounds, EVENT SOUNDS which are short and action specific, and AMBIENT SOUNDS which are designed to loop and create an atmosphere. They are treated the same by the object but are very different in how they are used. There are flags on the object to deal with these differences.

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