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  • Learning Curve
  • Lith Tools Overview
  • Download the SDK
  • Installing the Tools
  • Dedit Basics
  • Your First Level
  • Expanding a World
  • Building on the Grid
  • KeyBoard Shortcuts
  • Edit Modes
  • Eradicating Leaks
  • World Scale
  • First Level Basics

  • Textures/Surface Flags
  • 4 Types of Doors
  • Making Windows
  • Grates and Railings
  • Stairs, Lifts & Ramps
  • Lights, dirlights, FX
  • Water & Rain Volumes
  • Sky Boxes / Portals
  • A basic Trigger
  • The Wall Switch
  • Adding Pickups
  • Proptypes vs Props
  • StarlightView Mode
  • Muliplayer/ SinglePlayer
  • Second Level Intermediate

  • Prefab Advantage
  • A Prefab Deconstruct
  • Adding Sound FX
  • Hacking Device
  • Torchable Lock
  • Complex Trigger
  • Active Props
  • Light Groups
  • Particle FX
  • Client FX Light
  • Third Level Intermediate

  • AI Basics
  • AI Volumes and Nodes
  • Simple AI Alien
  • Character AI
  • Goal: Patrol
  • Keyframer
  • Advanced Level Building

  • -nosnapnocsg
  • Optimizing a level
  • Importing Terrain
  • Using the Camera
  • A Cinematic
  • Giving AI a script
  • Convoluted trigger
  • Random Events



    • Predator
    • Marine
    • Alien
    You could change the colors of the Starlight Views for each of the species. Its done inside Dedit and its not particularly complicated. The questions if, how would the players react to the change. Once they have become used to a standard changes can be reacted to adversely. .

    Five Starlight Views for a standard DeathMatch Mulptiplayer map.

    Save yourself any kind of grief, use the starlight view prefabs from the SAMPLE_DM map supplied by MONOLITH. It has the exact color fog that is the expected standard by all players of AvP2, it has a decent distance range though this can be changed, (though this will obviously influence game balance, so change it advisedly)

    There are 5 minimum required STARLIGHT VIEWS?

    If you simply count out the "special" vision mode options for the various species beyond their basic "NORMAL" view, which is unaltered, but has a HUD; you have three for the Predators, 1 for the Alien, 1 for the Marine/Corp, You need a STARLIGHTVIEW object for each of these. Therefore you need five of them in most MP map set up, and only one for most SinglePlayer setups, which ever player type you are using.

    Copyright 2001-2002 William "modmaker" Bostjan All Rights Reserved.