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  • Learning Curve
  • Lith Tools Overview
  • Download the SDK
  • Installing the Tools
  • Dedit Basics
  • Your First Level
  • Expanding a World
  • Building on the Grid
  • KeyBoard Shortcuts
  • Edit Modes
  • Eradicating Leaks
  • What does the processor log tell you?
  • First Level Basics

  • Textures/Surface Flags
  • 4 Types of Doors
  • Making Windows
  • Grates and Railings
  • Stairs, Lifts & Ramps
  • Lights, dirlights, FX
  • Water & Rain Volumes
  • Sky Boxes / Portals
  • A basic Trigger
  • The Wall Switch
  • Adding Pickups
  • Proptypes vs Props
  • StarlightView Mode
  • Muliplayer/ SinglePlayer
  • Second Level Intermediate

  • Prefab Advantage
  • A Prefab Deconstruct
  • Adding Sound FX
  • Hacking Device
  • Torchable Lock
  • Complex Trigger
  • Active Props
  • Light Groups
  • Particle FX
  • Client FX Light
  • Third Level Intermediate

  • AI Basics
  • AI Volumes and Nodes
  • Simple AI Alien
  • Character AI
  • Goal: Patrol
  • Keyframer
  • Advanced Level Building

  • -nosnapnocsg
  • Optimizing a level
  • Importing Terrain
  • Using the Camera
  • A Cinematic
  • Giving AI a script
  • Convoluted trigger
  • Random Events


    modmaker's Prefabs

    • Some selected .ed files
    • All sizes are Dedit Units
    prefabs help make better quality maps. Quicker. Aside from the fact that no one wants to reinvent the wheel, a prefab collection can bring maps to life, for yourself and for others. But don't kid yourself, nothing can replace hard work and diligence. People can recognize the straight copy/paste plagarizing of other's work. This here is a space as a resource for the community, to share some of their intellectual development for others.

    Click on the Image to download a zip file containing the .ed file

    Interior and exterior enviornments.

    Place into your prefabs folders, create new directories as necessary,

    and build some maps to make this AvP2 community flourish.

    Name Description Image
    Slider Jr. Approx. 96 w by 192 h side sliding door with frame, floor and walls.
    Double Windows Hexagonal window
    Vents system with ladders Ceiling vent system and rooms
    Curb Speed Curb
    1 Floor Ladder Standard Ladder Prefab
    Railings Transluscent Rails from Atmosphere Procs.
    Bridge v1 Bridge from Breakdown
    Bridge v2 Bridge from Pred Rescue
    mod's Shed 256 Shed with Sliding door entrance and shootable rear wall.
    Shelves Wall Shelf Unit
    Boxes Boxes for wall shelf
    Teleport Stand With lights
    Runner encased in Glass For lab
    Satellite Dish Transluscent Grate metal with rotation
    Big Fan Vertical z axis with RWM

    Copyright 2001-2002 William "modmaker" Bostjan All Rights Reserved.